Premium Quality Dental Procera VENEERS DENTAL IMPLANTS

Procera in Etobicoke

Aesthetic Minds designs and builds high-quality Procera crowns in Etobicoke.

Bio-Ceramic Crowns

Devoid of any metal components, Procera are bio-ceramic crowns that have been designed to add durability, beauty and strength to the structure of your teeth. 

Combining the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality, at Aesthetic Minds we supply anterior and posterior Procera for dentists. Our Procera can also be customized to be seated with zinc phosphate, glass ionomer or chemically-hardening composite cement! 

Customized Procera that add durability, beauty and strength to your teeth structures

Procera Etobicoke

Metal-Free Crowns

Procera Mississauga

Holding the strength of 687 mega-pascals from its sintered aluminum oxide coping, our procera crowns are designed and built by the highly qualified dental technicians at Aesthetic Minds.

Once Nobel Biocare precision mills the coping through CAD/CAM technology, our skilled ceramists layer the coping with Procera AllCeram, the low-fusing porcelain with natural fluorescence and translucency. This allows characterizations and natural shade blending without opacity, making it 70% more efficient for the patient’s teeth than high-fusing porcelains. 

70% more efficient for the patient’s teeth than high-fusing porcelains

Advantages of Using Procera:

  • Gum-friendly 
  • Life-like aesthetics
  • Aluminum oxide coping
  • Stain-blocking capabilities
  • Metal-free bio compatible substructure
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy installation

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