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IPS Empress in Etobicoke

Aesthetic Minds provides high-quality IPS Empress restorations throughout Etobicoke.

IPS Empress Restorations

Our IPS Empress restorations at Aesthetic Minds provide exceptional accuracy of fit for anterior and posterior crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers.

Using the lost wax technique, our empress glass-ceramic dentures are processed with a computerized heat and pressure injection molding system. This precision control of the casting process ensures marginal integrity and reduces the chance for secondary decay. 

Ensuring marginal integrity and reducing the chance for secondary decay

IPS Empress Etobicoke

Glass-Ceramic Dentures

IPS Empress Mississauga

The IPS Empress that we provide at Aesthetic Minds delivers the fit of a pressed restoration with the beauty of a layered restoration.

Since Empress virtually eliminates marginal breakdown, margins can end at or above the gingival margin, avoiding the need to traumatize tissue in supragingival preparations. 

The strength of IPS Empress is derived from a leucite reinforced glass-ceramic that wears the same as natural tooth enamel. Once the Empress glass-ceramic ingots are cast, they are placed on dies that match the shade of the prepared tooth for precise shading and characterization. The finished IPS Empress restoration will satisfy your clinical demands for anatomy and function and your patient's desire for natural vitality and translucency.

Satisfying your clinical demands for anatomy and function

IPS Empress Offers:

  • True-to-nature aesthetics
  • Homogeneous leucite crystal distribution
  • Higher flexural strength
  • Improved optical properties
  • Optimized colour and clarity

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